7+ Fun Things to Do in Sarasota with Kids

For years, we’ve heard such wonderful things about Sarasota from family and friends. We were so excited to finally visit this beautiful area along the Florida Gulf Coast this March. Siesta Key is the perfect location for access to the award winning beaches, along with all that Sarasota has to offer at your fingertips. While we’ve always enjoyed going to the beach, we love learning about the history and culture of any city we travel to just as much. Fortunately, if you’re looking for fun things to do in Sarasota with kids (or without) you can have all that and more.

We quickly found during our visit that the beautiful bay, the white-sand beaches and the rich history of Sarasota County make it the perfect family vacation destination. Whether you’re visiting with or without kids, there are fun things to do in Sarasota, FL for everyone.

Keep reading for our list of things to do for kids in Sarasota, Florida.

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Things to Do in Sarasota With Kids Ringling Museum Toddling Traveler

Our visits to Mote Aquarium, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and Ringling Museum were sponsored by Visit Sarasota. As always, all opinions are our own. This post may also include affiliate links, which means we may earn a commision for qualifying purchases through our links at no charge to you.

Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquariums

The Mote Marine Lab and Aquarium is a “working aquarium” that offers tons of marine life from the second you walk in. This includes coral reefs, sharks and an abundance of fish, to name a few. There are also two touch tanks, including a stingray tank. (One of many reasons this one of the best Sarasota, Florida things to do with kids.)

Throughout the entire aquarium, you can find a wealth of information about the ocean and Mote’s efforts conserve it. With Mote being a working aquarium, there are many opportunities to observe scientists first hand in the labs. This added experience makes Mote unique compared to other aquariums we’ve visited in the past.

Mote Aquarium Fun for Kids in Sarasota

Mote Marine Mammal Research and Rehabilitation Center

The second building of Mote Aquarium is the Mote Marine Mammal Center. This building is accessed through a short walk from the main aquarium. Here, there are a number of rescued animals, including turtles, alligators and manatees.  If you’re visiting Mote with young kids like us, you’ll notice that each of the turtle tanks also have windows near the ground for their viewing. Be sure to also stop by the tunnel for kids that’s made up of netting used for rescuing turtles.

While you’re at the research center, try to catch a feeding and training session with the adorable river otters. Watching them do tricks and follow commands for their food is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Definitely something that shouldn’t be missed! We unfortunately ran out of time and weren’t able to explore the second floor of this building, where you’ll find the “Oh Baby! Life Cycles of the Seas” exhibit with babies of many species found at the aquarium.

If you’re visiting Sarasota with a toddler, the Mote Aquarium should not be missed! It’s especially great if you’re looking for indoor things to do in Sarasota, FL.

Know Before You Go: Mote Marine Lab & Aquarium is located on Sarasota’s City Island at 1600 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota, FL 34236. Children under 3 are free. For more on visiting the Mote Aquarium, see here.

Mote Aquarium Sarasota with Toddlers Toddling Traveler

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

From the moment you step into the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, you’re greeted with the most amazing and colorful plant life. In addition to the abundance of plants, the entire grounds of Selby Gardens are immaculate and set against the scenic and peaceful Sarasota Bay.  (The views are almost as beautiful as the Gardens themselves!) The entire area is divided into separate sections, with everything from indoor plants to desert landscape to mangroves.

In addition to the regular displays, Selby Gardens spotlights a different botanical artist every few months. At the time I visited, Paul Gauguin was being featured. Both his artwork and Polynesian artifacts were featured throughout Selby Gardens.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Sarasota with Kids

Children’s Areas at Selby Gardens

Botanical gardens may not be the first thing you think of when looking for fun things to do with kids in Sarasota. It’s clear, however, that children are also such an important consideration of the Selby Gardens. (Making it one of the best things to do in Sarasota with kids!) There are two major areas at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens that are dedicated to children. Plus, the rest of the grounds are completely kid-friendly.  The Children’s Rainforest Garden is the main outdoor section for kids, and it includes:

  • Several huts set up for pretend play, including a wooden cafe set and musical theater.  
  • Swinging hammocks and tire swing under the shade
  • A play area with beautiful, painted fogs amongst dozens of colorful hula hoops
  • A learning garden with a variety of plants on display
  • A few areas to play music amongst the plant life
Selby Gardens Childrens Rainforest Garden Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Sarasota

Want a break from the Florida sun? The Kids’ Corner offers a great indoor play area in Sarasota. The space is packed with nature themed toys and games for kids. With everything from a nursing rocker to dress-up clothes, it caters to everyone from the newborn babies up. Selby Gardens also offers a monthly Little Sprouts Club that includes activities geared toward kids ages 2-5. We didn’t get to check it out on this visit, but the program includes rainforest themed activities, a snack and story time.

Know Before You Go: The Selby Botanical Gardens are located 900 S. Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236. Admission is free for kids up to age 5, making it super affordable for families. The grounds are very spread out, so be sure to have either a stroller or carrier if you’re visiting with younger children.

The Ringling Circus Museum

Before planning our trip to Sarasota, I had no idea how much Sarasota has deep roots in the circus. In fact, John Ringling, one of five Ringling Brothers, brought much of the wealth and cultural significance to the Sarasota area. Knowing this, we couldn’t leave Sarasota without a visit to the Ringling Circus Museum. With limited time during our visit to The Ringling, we focused on the Tibbals Learning Center and the Original Circus Museum.

Ringling Circus Museum Model Toddling Traveler

Tibbals Learning Center at The Ringling

The best place to start right after getting through the Visitor’s Center is Tibbals Learning Center. Once you go through the big top entrance, you’re immediately greeted by a large, colorful mural of the circus from the 1970s and 80s. The adjoining hallway also contains a number of original circus posters from the early years of the Ringling Brothers circus.

Next door is the world’s largest circus model. The “Howard Bros. Circus” is a recreation of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® circus from the 1920s and 30s. The model spares no detail, from the performers to the animals to the train cars used to house them. The display also contains an abundance of facts about the circus as you walk through it.

Ringing Circus Museum Car

The newest wing of Tibbals Learning Center also has an interactive section that’s great for both kids and kids at heart. This portion of the museum allows visitors to take a hands-on approach to learning about the museum. Displays include:

  • Listing to different circus tunes from the headphone sets.
  • Climbing into the clown car and operating the lever.
  • Pretending to walk the high wire and hitting the applause button at the end.
  • Seeing the life-size animals up close and learning about their contributions to the circus.
Ringling Circus Museum High Wire

The Original Circus Museum at The Ringling

After Tibbals Learning Center, we made our way to the Original Circus Museum. This huge space included several original cars dating back to the early days of the circus, well as several large props. One of the newest additions to the museum is the beautifully restored and a side-show mural exhibit. This section also has a reading nook full of circus-themed books if you’re visiting the Ringling Museum with kids.

While my husband and I enjoyed reading about the history of the circus, the colorful details of the exhibits and circus memorabilia were more than enough to keep our son’s attention.

Ringling Original Circus Museum Cars

In addition to the kid-friendly features of the circus museum, there’s a huge playground at the Ringling Museum called the Bolder Playspace. This park includes a few different play structures and swings, and it’s free to the public. Ringling also offers a number of family programs, including stroller tours in the Museum of Art, ROAR! story time in the Education Center and Family Saturdays. If you’re there in the summer months, there’s also a Summer Circus Spectacular geared specifically toward family audiences. Definitely something that will be on our list of fun family things to do in Sarasota, FL for the future!

Know Before You Go: The Ringling Museums are located at 5401 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota, FL 34243. Children under 5 are free, and children 5-17 are only $5. The museums are large and spread out, so we’d recommend bringing a stroller or carrier if you’re visiting with younger kids. Be sure to grab a scavenger hunt for kids at the Visitor’s Center as well!

Circus Sarasota

Circus Sarasota is one of the most popular Sarasota family activities. This show is one of few held at the red and white “big top” at the Nathan Benderson Park by University Town Center in Sarasota. Circus Sarasota brings in different acts each year, with some of the best performers from all over the world.

A few of the amazing Sarasota Circus performers include:

  • Ambra Andrine and her equestrian act with horses that danced around the ring in synchronized fashion.
  • The Hans Klose trained canines, with 20 well-trained dogs doing tricks to make the audience laugh in awe.
  • The Carrillos high wire act, with gravity defying stunts.
  • The Kolev Sisters, who showed their amazing strength with a hand balancing act.
  • Ringmaster Joseph Bauer Jr, who ended the show by performing on the Wheel of Destiny.
Fun Things to Do in Sarasota Circus Hans Klose Canines Toddling Traveler

More Information on the Circus in Sarasota

Circus Sarasota only runs for a few weeks during February and March, and we were lucky to catch the last show of 2019 during our time in Sarasota. In addition to Circus Sarasota, there are several other performances from the Circus Arts Conservatory throughout the year. (Including the Summer Circus Spectacular for “children of all ages” at Ringling’s Historic Asolo Theater.)

Be sure to check out their website for more info on fun things to do in Sarasota.

Things to do in Sarasota Circus Toddling Traveler

Ride the Siesta Key Breeze Trolley

Looking for free things to do in Sarasota, FL? This Sarasota County mode of transportation quickly became one of our favorite things about Siesta Key.  Not only is it an easy way of getting around Siesta Key, but this brightly colored bus is almost an attraction in itself if you’re visiting Sarasota with a toddler.  Each time we told our son that we were taking the trolley, which he referred to as a “choo choo,” he couldn’t have been more excited. What little kid doesn’t love trains?  

As mentioned above, the best part is that the Siesta Key Trolley is FREE. And it loops between Siesta Key Village, the beach, and back around. This makes it great to use if you’re at Siesta Beach and want to hop over to Siesta Key Village without having to re-park.

The bus system in Sarasota County is just as great and convenient to use for a small fee. For more information on the buses in Sarasota and the Siesta Key Trolley schedule, visit the Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) website here.

Explore the Great Playgrounds in Sarasota

With the amazing weather all year round, there are a number of awesome playgrounds in Sarasota.  Our favorite is the beachside playground in Siesta Key.  There’s a huge playground geared toward older kids as well as designated toddler playground for kiddos 2-5 years old. The toddler playground even has large shades to shield kids from the Florida sun.  Additionally, there’s a separate area with swings, all of which are on a cushy surface.  

In addition to Siesta Beach playground, we also had a chance to check out the aforementioned playground at The Ringling Museum (Bolger Play Space.) For more great playgrounds in the Sarasota area, including the circus-themed Payne Park, see here

Siesta Beach Playground Sarasota with Kids

Visit Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach, although last on this list, was certainly one of the highlights of our trip. Even if you’re not staying in Siesta Key, any trip to Sarasota with kids isn’t complete without spending at least a few hours at Siesta Beach. This beautiful, white-sand beach has consistently been rated one of the top beaches in the United States. The best part is that the sand is actually cool to the touch. (This was our toddler son’s first time walking on the beach by himself, and the sand make it so much easier!) The Gulf is also calmer than the beaches in the northeast that we’re used to, making it perfect for kids of all ages.

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Siesta Beach Florida

In addition to the amazing playground previously mentioned, the facilities at Siesta Beach include:

  • A beach pavilion with a well stocked cafe and a few beach necessities
  • Several shaded tables and pavilions located throughout
  • Bathroom facilities with changing tables
  • Several outdoor showers to get all that sand off
  • Chair and umbrella rentals
  • Volleyball nets

If you happen to be in Siesta Key on a Sunday evening, there’s also a drum circle on the beach that takes place during the beautiful sunset. We didn’t get a chance to see it this time, but we did catch the Siesta Beach sunset and are definitely looking forward to the drums on our next visit!

Know Before You Go: Parking fills up quickly at Siesta Beach. If you’re driving, I recommend getting there before 10am. The Siesta Breeze Trolley and Sarasota/ SCAT bus drops off right there as well.

Additional Things to Do in Sarasota with Kids

With limited time to explore, there were so many things on our list that we didn’t get to. We’re already thinking about our next trip to Sarasota! Here are a few more ideas for things to do in Sarasota with kids:

With so much to do in Sarasota County, in addition to the beautiful beaches, it’s definitely a place we plan to return to. Please share in the comments if you have any favorite attractions in Sarasota with kids to add to this list.

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  1. Wow – I have only been to Sarasota once pre-children and I still remember it as one of the most beautiful places I got to visit. I had no idea there was so much to do there with kids! I love Tibbals Learning Center at The Ringling, it’s the sort of places my kids love to visit. Thank you for sharing all this.

  2. Really great post. I actually live in Sarasota County – south of Sarasota in Nokomis – right by Venice. You hit all the hot spots. We’ve gone to all of these, some of them more then once since every one who comes to visit wants to go. Sometimes that’s the curse of living in a vacation spot. The Shark tooth hunting is awesome – we do it all the time and have actually found a nice size Meg tooth – we scuba dive for them also. If you ever get back to the area be sure to head to Venice Pier its a really neat place to visit, the views are outstanding and if your lucky you will catch sight of some dolphins playing! Glad you enjoyed your visit to our little slice of heave

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